Vendor paid advertising - why is it so hard to ask for?

Advertising is crucial for house sellers wanting to get their property seen. We all know this, so why do real estate agents struggle to sell it? 

Not all real estate agents are natural sellers. Many of those I work with have other skills (such as attention to detail, integrity, be a great communicator)  but this doesn't always translate into getting a client to pay more, or even to sign on the dotted line.

My experience with a host of real estate agents has shown me one thing - some people are just not natural "sellers" - even if they believe in the product - and they may feel very uncomfortable asking the vendor for money. 

If the vendor is showing signs of financial stress, asking for money to promote their house may be embarrassing for both the agent and vendor. 

I can help you understand what your natural selling style is, so you feel comfortable asking for paid advertising - which we know will benefit the client. 


Complete an Extended DISC profile with me and as well as the in-depth 25 page report, I can also provide you with a specific sales report at no extra cost. 


Here is an example of a sales report. Call me to discuss how I can help you sell in a way that suits you.