Behavioural Analysis using Extended DISC 

Extended DISC  is a tool that will tell you all about yourself and your staff. It will demystify team dynamics and provide a very clear picture of who your team are, what motivates them, and what stresses them. 

Extended DISC highlights natural vs unnatural behaviour and how your staff are most likely to behave in any given situation. 

But the real beauty of Extended DISC? For the same cost we can plot the results of your entire team allowing you to see what  staff members will work best together and which staff members would make the ideal project team. 

We can also for no extra cost provide customised reports specifically looking at the criteria you need to know about. It could be strengths and weaknesses, stressors, project management, leadership, working in a team environment , natural sales ability, and much more.

If you are recruiting a new staff member, profile them before you hire them and find out what you are really buying. You can plot this person into your current team environment and see if they will fit.

Want to see what a sample Extended DISC report looks like? Click here