How to buy a profile 

Extended DISC costs $350 + GST - that's all for your profile, debrief and extra reports  

To buy a profile call me and I will email through the instructions and payment method and discuss which reports (one or all of them) would be helpful to you. There are many reports available as part of the purchase price - including SALES  LEADERSHIP  MANAGEMENT  STRESS COMMUNICATION - just ask.


The real beauty of Extended DISC is that it gives you knowledge to make better choices and decisions.

It can make you a better leader and a better team player.

It's all about awareness and being willing to adapt your style to fit in with others.

It's particularly useful for:


Team alignment

Developing leaders 

Growing your business

The Extended DISC® Assessment Suite is based on a psychological theory developed in the 1920s.

Carl G. Jung created the foundations of the theory in his book, The Psychological Types. His ideas were based on a two behavioural axis chart:



These axis composed the four main behavioural traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.